Personal Wi-Fi Goes Mainstream

High Occupancy Building Love Private Wi-Fi

Hospitals and clinics have been vulnerable to the limitations of traditional Wi-Fi solutions on a shared network. Our patented Private Wi-Fi solution allows users to access a highly secure private channel of wireless bandwidth while leveraging your existing infrastructure and creating independent secure channels that can be isolated from 1 to n users on the network. We design and maintain the networks remotely while integrating it with your existing infrastructure. IT Security experts love this solution because of the added security services that makes it impossible for someone to wireless access their computing devices, printers, faxes, and more - even if they were able to access the wireless signal. This is a solution for a long standing problem and is growing fast across multiple markets. The network can also be configured for guest network services, personal individual networks, service resource access, and more. Be an early user of this technology and know that your Wi-Fi will be a fortress of security from threats local and global. for an introductory conversation

Personal Wi-Fi for Everyone